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No pep talks, please

No pep talks, please — We ask that ”Kingdom of Heaven” not have the generic precolonial secene

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Is it too late to ask that Kingdom of Heaven not have the obligatory scene where the precolonial commander rides his horse around — or walks among — his dirty and dispirited troops and gives them that inspiring you-can-take-our-lives-but-you-can’t-take-our-freeeeduuuum kind of speech? Look, it worked in Braveheart, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Henry V (probably where it started, but we all know Shakespeare was a notorious plot thief), Gladiator, and even Revenge of the Nerds (the Alpha Betas’ taking of the dorms was kinda solid), but it’s gotten old. We’ve seen it before and don’t need to see it again. All set? Thanks.