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EW takes a trip to Amityville

EW takes a trip to Amityville — In celebration of the release of the remake ”The Amityville Horror”, we visit the town on which the film is based

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If the Amityville Horror remake has you planning a ghost-hunting trip to Long Island, N.Y., expect. . .disappointment. Since the late ’70s, when an estimated 1,000 people a day were poking around town, looking for devil pigs, residents have become pretty tight-lipped: They’re cranky about the 1974 murders, and even crankier when it comes to subsequently haunted-home owners George and Kathy Lutz. The library’s ”policy” is to ”stay out of it”; the cops say, ”Good luck with that”; and while thinking up excuses to ring the doorbell of the Dutch Colonial is fun (”Can we come in for tea. . .and murder?”), you’d be wise not to. If you must visit, try a bar: ”I don’t believe that spirits are here to hurt us,” says one happy-hour denizen who ”dabbles” in parapsychology. ”They’re just looking for a way out.” After a day in Amityville, trust us: You’ll feel the same way.