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EW quizzes you on the latest celebrity voice-overs

EW quizzes you on the latest celebrity voice-overs — Can you match up the sales pitches with stars like Julia Roberts, Christian Slater, and Queen Latifah?

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Seems like every movie star is James Earl Jonesing for some commercial voice-over action. Why? They’re netting huge paydays for just a few hours’ work: Julia Roberts and George Clooney both recently cashed million-dollar-plus checks for their respective gigs. Can you match the star to the sales pitch? (Hint: Somebody’s been doing double duty!)

1 So whether it’s saving a moment or saving a life, it just has to work. Duracell, trusted everywhere.

2 You don’t win a marathon in the first hundred meters. . .OppenheimerFunds, the right way to invest.

3 Get AOL. For greater peace of mind and much more. Want a better Internet? You belong at America Online.

4 Bright. Crisp. Clean. Pure. This is Budweiser. This is beer.

5 Panasonic Pro Curve Pivot Action Shaver for men and the Close Curves Pivot Action Shaver for women. They shave wet.

6 Where will you find an advanced IP network that’s built to deliver voice, video, and data?. . .Level 3 Communications.

7 Pizza Hut’s new Pepperoni Trio pizza. . .All the classic pepperoni you love plus two new flavors. . .for triple the pepperoni taste.

8 Every morning at Lowe’s, our crews supply the finest prograde materials and equipment. Roll in, load up, roll out.

A Julia Roberts

B Christian Slater

C Sean Connery

D Jeff Bridges

E Queen Latifah

F Gene Hackman

G George Clooney

Answers: 1-D, 2-F, 3-A, 4-G, 5-B, 6-C, 7-E, 8-F