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EW interviews a member of ''COPS''

EW interviews a member of ”COPS” — We find out some behind-the-scenes info on the show that celebrates its 600th episode this week

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Will those bad boys ever learn their lesson? Apparently not: Fox will air the 600th episode of COPS on April 30 at 8 p.m. To celebrate, we asked a star from the arresting docuseries, Sgt. Tom ”T.J.” Jenkins of the Las Vegas PD, to uncuff a few show secrets.

It’s harder to apprehend suspects when they’re shirtless and/or pants-less.
”You’re self-conscious about grabbing a naked person. You want to get him in custody, but you don’t want to end up with a handful of his private parts.”

Cops learn from COPS. ”Sometimes it’s used as a training video: ‘This is how something can go bad.’ Or, ‘That was a good tactic to end a situation.’ We use it that way. . .and for comedy relief.”

The ”Bad Boys” theme song is a public nuisance. ”People are singing the damn song while we’re trying to film. They ought to change the theme song to classical music so we don’t ever have to hear it being screamed at us by a carful of drunk people.”