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The Deal Report: April 22, 2005

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MOVIES Martin Scorsese, fellow director Lasse Hallström owes you a drink. Thanks to The Aviator, Hallström’s delayed Hoax may finally roll this summer. ”It’s about the man” — Clifford Irving (Richard Gere is up for the role) — ”who, in the early ’70s, wrote a fake biography on Howard Hughes and [almost] got away with it,” says Hallström, now editing winter’s Heath Ledgercomedy, Casanova. ”With The Aviator, people know more about Hughes, so it’s time to make it.”. . .”Hmm. I’m not good at describing characters I haven’t done yet,” says Zooey Deschanel, when asked by the DR about Failure to Launch, the romantic comedy she starts shooting in June. ”Sarah Jessica Parker plays a woman whose job it is to get men” — in this case, Matthew McConaughey — ”out of their parents’ house,” Deschanel explains, adding that she plays Parker’s roomie. ”But it’s not just a roommate part, because normally those parts. .. I just go ehh! This one’s well-written and funny. Um. . .what else? I can tell you it’s not totally lame!”

TELEVISION Beginning in 2006, ABC institution Monday Night Football moves to sister cable channel ESPN. Meanwhile, ESPN’s Sunday Night Football moves to NBC, which is paying $600 mil a year for the privilege. Just how desperate for ratings is NBC? Quick: What happened on Joey last week? Yeah. That’s what we thought. . .It’s not TV, it’s Bono! The man with world leaders on speed dial will pop up on season 2 of HBO’s Entourage, beginning June 5. ”I never thought we’d be able to get [U2],” says series creator Doug Ellin. ”I don’t want to quote [U2] that they like the show, but that’s what I was told. So we shot the U2 concert at L.A.’s Staples Center, and Bono interacted with the guys [star Adrian Grenier and his posse] a little bit. It was absolutely incredible.” In another episode, shot at January’s Sundance Film Festival, Grenier & Co. chat up The Station Agent‘s Peter Dinklage. Also visiting: Mandy Moore and James Cameron, who, Ellin says, ”was a great actor, very funny.” Well, duh. He’s King of the World!