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Rating versions of ''Night of the Living Dead'' We wade through the various DVD editions and pick the best one

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Rating versions of ”Night of the Living Dead” We wade through the various DVD editions and pick the best one

It’s kill meets overkill when it comes to NOTLD. There have been more than 30 versions of George Romero’s 1968 zombie classic released on DVD. (Yes, 30!) Use your brrrrrrrrains to peruse this cheat sheet to the more notable editions.

30TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION Features a spectacularly botched anniversary version that for some reason incorporates newly shot footage, making this Exhibit A on why bringing things back from the dead, and trying to breathe new life into them, is a really, really bad idea. SPECIAL COLLECTOR’S EDITION Two commentaries featuring Romero and members of the cast. Plus, the killer-carb eight-minute spoof, Night of the Living Bread, is scary funny. COLOR VERSION No doubt colorization king Ted Turner can appreciate this edition, but the only reason I could think of for picking this up would be to check out the commentary track from Mystery Science Theater‘s Mike Nelson. And even that’s not enough. 3-D VERSION Well, it can’t be worse than the colorized version. . .can it? MILLENNIUM EDITION All the same stuff from the Special Collector’s Edition, as well as more of Romero’s early commercial work, interviews with the cast, and liner notes by Stephen King. This is the one to get. . .at least until the inevitable Super Colossal Special Millennium Anniversary Collector’s Edition hits stores.