April 04, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

On the Sideways commentary, you use phrases like ”emotional detritus” and ”mysterious denouement.” Nice vocabulary.
It’s not how many words you can define, but when great, specific adjectives can be embedded in conversation. Paul Giamatti’s that guy. So is Alexander Payne — and he’s not above correcting your grammar.

Rather than wear underwear as scripted, you asked to be ”floppin’ your sticky fruits” for Jack’s breakdown.
I said, ”The underwear is inappropriate. If there’s some desperate attempt at puritanical dignity as he’s sprinting through the night, it would just be his white athletic socks.” I then proceeded to model for Alexander. He was like, ”You’re right: socks and no underwear. Your hands covering your genitals. Much funnier.”

How about that deleted scene where you mimic a vibrator?
I conjured images of a leaf blower. I came up with that on my own.

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