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Letter from our readers

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Star Struck

Well done (as always), EW, on your post-Oscar wrap-up. No amount of Access Hollywood or Us Weekly can satisfy my needs after the big show like you guys can! I must address the ”Oscar Fashion Hall of Fame,” however. Clarissa, how could you not include Susan Sarandon’s stunning Dolce & Gabbana bronze ball gown for her Best Actress win (for 1995’s Dead Man Walking)? And yet Sharon Stone’s frightening housecoat number made the list. Truly scary. Thanks for the fun, guys!

JENN WOLF – diva1121@ yahoo.com – Chicago

Anyone who thought the Oscar show was worthwhile or the atrocious hosting by Chris Rock was any good deserves to be punished with one week of watching Pootie Tang.

LESTER GORDON – Elgee326@aol.com – New York City

Thank you for publishing Marc Shaiman’s account of the censors who ruined the song he had composed. The lyrics are funny and right on target. Is there any chance ”The Stink Beneath the Ink” will be recorded? The most interesting programming today is on cable, where censorship is not as strict as broadcast TV. Viewers clearly like racier shows like ABC’s top-rated Desperate Housewives. We vote with our remotes, so how can we vote for new censors?

DANNY BOZARTH – MrBozarth@aol.com – Hollywood

You forgot to include the award for Most Overexposed Performer with the Greatest Number of Costume Changes, which goes to Beyoncé.

VERONICA ANCONETANI – vdawg0576@yahoo.com – Kearny, N.J.

Hearts of the West

My husband and I enjoyed your article on Deadwood (”How the West Is Run”) and the accompanying photographs. We are excited about the new season and enjoy watching the interplay between the characters, most especially those scenes involving the sometimes villainous, often engaging Al Swearengen, who is magnificently embodied by Ian McShane. Furthermore, the intelligence of the dialogue is refreshing, albeit teeming with curse words. Thank you for bringing much deserved attention and recognition to this show.

SARAH E. CONNELLY – SEC@toccolaw.com – Ballwin, Mo.

‘Lost’ in Your Eyes

I gasped when I saw the photo of Naveen Andrews (”Lost & Found”). I knew he was stunningly gorgeous on his show Lost, even while covered in dirt and sweat, but the studio photo took my breath away. After putting out issue after issue of cleavage spilling out all over, you gave us girls something — because yes, women read EW too. And we tire of being ignored.

KATHLEEN DWORAK – dworak@bluemoon.net – Clarence Center, N.Y.

Breakin’ All the Rules

Amen to Dan Snierson for his letter to the folks at the cable networks regarding Arrested Development (News & Notes). It is hands down the best show on television, and it would be devastating if we lost it. Furthermore, if Fox can’t appreciate what a jewel it has, then it should be moved to cable, where the creators would have more license with their jocular story lines anyway. I hope someone at cable takes heed of these pleas because I don’t want to imagine a world without Arrested Development.