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Q&A with former child star Neil Patrick Harris

Q&A with former child star Neil Patrick Harris — The genius of ”Doogie Howser, M.D.” chats about the DVD release of the show’s first season and the unexpected attention he’s received from recent film cameos

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A 16-year-old genius who rocks a bouffant and diagnoses his girlfriend’s appendicitis by performing a pelvic exam? Yes, we’re still scarred, and so is the star of Doogie Howser, M.D.: Season One

So, about that appendicitis episode. . .
Harrowing. I also saved the life of a dog in the ER. Very profound and moving.

The show often was.
Because of the name, people assumed it was a Punky Brewster kind of hysterical. But the writing was actually good.

Cocreator Steven Bochco says the Doogmeister would have grown disheartened with medicine and become a writer.
I assumed he’d have overdosed on hospital medication due to the inordinate strain on his young mind.

No reunion movie, then?
I don’t think that’s Bochco’s style, and I agree.

How often do you get ”Hey, you’re Doogie!”?
Lately, I’m getting ”Harold & Kumar!” which makes me happy. I enjoy the progression.