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Poll results: Your ''Desperate Housewives'' faves

Our ”Desperate Housewives” poll results: EW.com readers love Susan and Mike, and they’re fans of felonies, too

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Desperate Housewives: Moshe Brakha

Sold together, Susan Mayer and Mike Delfino would be EW.com readers’ favorite Desperate Housewives action figures. More than 16,000 of you took our poll about ABC’s wildly popular Sunday-night show, and 64 percent prefer Susan and Mike to the show’s other dynamic duos; the nearest competition, Lynette and Tom, got only 15 percent of the votes.

When it comes to Housewives‘ myriad mysteries, though, it’s dearly departed Mary Alice who commands attention: 34 percent of readers are dying to know why she killed herself, versus 33 percent who can’t wait to find out why Mike is living on Wisteria Lane.

One burning question that got resolved on the show after we posted the poll — which recurring character is gay? — was tricky for all of us. While 38 percent of readers guessed Zach would be outed, it was actually his classmate, Bree’s son, Andrew, who locked lips with another guy. Unfortunately, the younger Mr. Van de Kamp wasn’t listed as an option in our poll. (His father, Rex, who was, scored 24 percent of votes).

It just goes to show the unpredictable nature of this hit soap-comedy-drama. In fact, viewers are divided about calling Desperate a soap opera (as 43 percent of you indicated) or a comedy (which is what 32 percent of you concluded). Either way, 73 percent of you applaud a felonious plot twist — agreeing that meddling murder victim Mrs. Huber had it coming. Now that’s scandalous.

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