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How Anthony Fedorov can win ''American Idol''

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Anthony Fedorov, American Idol

How Anthony Fedorov can win ”American Idol”

Eliminated May 11, 2005

AGE 19

HOMETOWN Trevose, Pa.

WHAT’S IN TUNE Anthony’s got humble charm, and a voice big enough to tackle over-the-top power ballads without worry. Plus, he reminds some folks of Clay Aiken.

WHAT’S OFF-KEY Did we mention he reminds some folks of Clay Aiken?

CLOTHES CALLS It’s important to know the difference between fashionista (that green-and-blue embroidered sportcoat from March 7) and fashion victim (the tragic distressed jeans from Feb. 28).

WHAT IT’LL TAKE TO WIN True Idols can’t survive on the musical equivalent of cheese and white bread. He should intersperse risky, up-tempo choices like his recent cover of Marc Anthony’s ”I’ve Got You.”

REQUEST LIST Roy Orbison’s ”Crying,” A-Ha’s ”Take On Me,” Jewel’s ”Who Will Save Your Soul?”