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Ja Rule pleads guilty to assault

Ja Rule pleads guilty to assault. The rapper apologizes for Toronto nightclub brawl and is fined $1,200

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In the end, everyone came away with a black eye: the man Ja Rule punched at a Toronto nightclub last June; the rapper himself, who received a courtroom smackdown on Monday; and the city of Toronto, where the judge apologized for the rude behavior that provoked the Queens-bred rapper’s violent outburst.

”I’m just sorry about my actions,” the Associated Press quoted Ja Rule as saying outside the courthouse where he had just pleaded guilty to assault and had been fined $1,500 Canadian (about $1,200 in American money.) The rapper (real name: Jeffrey Atkins) had thrown the punch after being taunted by the crowd at the La Rouge nightclub over his feud with 50 Cent. He could have been jailed on the more serious charge of assault causing bodily harm, a charge to which he pleaded not guilty. Instead, he received a fine and an apology from Justice W.P. Bassel, who called the clubgoers’ comments ”disgraceful” and an ”embarassment” to the city. Yeah, Toronto, just see that it doesn’t happen again, aight?