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A by-the-numbers look at the 2005 Oscar ceremony

A by-the-numbers look at the 2005 Oscar ceremony — EW adds up the numbers from this year’s awards

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2 Consecutive years in which the stars of The Shawshank Redemption have won Best Supporting Actor.

7 Standing ovations.

1973 Year in which Million Dollar Baby producer Albert S. Ruddy last won a Best Picture Oscar (for The Godfather).

1974 Year in which Ruddy’s Million Dollar Baby star Hilary Swank was born.

25 Percentage of the evening’s winners who had previously won Oscars.

100 Percentage of the losers who still want Oscars.

5 Speeches interrupted by music.

74 Age of Clint Eastwood, making him the oldest Best Director winner ever.

3 Times U.S. troops were acknowledged.

3 Harvey Weinstein shout-outs.

0 Oscar-winning movies (excluding shorts) distributed by true indies, unattached to a major Hollywood studio.

3:09 Length of longest acceptance speech (Best Actor Jamie Foxx).

0:16 Length of shortest acceptance speech (Best Costume Design winner Sandy Powell).

0:16 Wasted while Renée Zellweger slunk across the stage in that suffocating Jessica Rabbit gown.

5 Years between Hilary Swank’s two Oscar wins.

13 Years between Aviator cinematographer Robert Richardson’s two Oscar wins (he won in 1992 for JFK).

24 Years between Aviator editor Thelma Schoonmaker’s two Oscar wins (she won in 1981 for Raging Bull).

27 Years between Spider-Man 2 visual-effects maestro John Dykstra’s two Oscar wins (he won in 1978 for Star Wars).

1 Shot of Martin Scorsese apparently choking back tears.

6 out of 10 Best Picture winners in the last decade in which a central character dies at the end.

1978 Last time the movie with the most wins didn’t take home Best Picture (Star Wars, which lost to Annie Hall).

$364,115,612 Gross of last year’s Best Picture winner, The Return of the King, through Oscar weekend.

$344,807,085 Total gross of all ’05 Best Picture nominees through Oscar weekend.

1 Sideshow Bob-haired Counting Crow