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Which show was canceled before its time?

Which show was canceled before its time? Check out the latest Ask the Critic question and post your own

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Russell Hornsby, Playmakers
Playmakers: David Giesbrecht/ESPN

Which show was canceled before its time?

Which show, canceled before its time, do you think was the best? — William Cline
The Juicy police-politics-media drama Boomtown was killed prematurely by NBC in 2003, but with its tangle of story lines, the series might have thrived in today’s Lost era. Last year; I was floored by the cancellation of Playmakers, ESPN’s first foray into drama. An inspired soap opera set on the gridiron, it featured football players with drug addictions, violence issues, and sexual secrets. The image-conscious NFL pressured ESPN to boot it, which the network did, after just one winning season.

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