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''Shrek 2'''s Puss in Boots gets a spinoff

”Shrek 2”’s Puss in Boots gets a spinoff. Look for Antonio Banderas’ fencing feline feature in 2008

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Shrek 2‘s hairball-hacking hitman Puss in Boots may have failed in his mission to assassinate the ogre hero, but the fencing feline voiced by Antonio Banderas did succeed in stealing the movie. So it’s no wonder that DreamWorks plans to give the character his own spinoff. It’s not clear whether Puss in Boots will be a theatrical feature or go straight to video, but it seems likely that the movie is headed for the big screen, given the big deal reported Friday in Variety. According to the trade paper, the studio is paying a six-figure fee to screenwriter David H. Steinberg, who knows from sequels and spinoffs. (He was a cowriter of American Pie 2, and he’s currently working on a screenplay for Love at Second Bite, George Hamilton’s follow-up to his 1979 romantic vampire comedy Love at First Bite.) Banderas will reprise his role in the film, which is due in 2008.