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Great role: Laura Linney in ''You Can Count on Me''

SCREEN GEM: You Can Count on Me (2000)

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Laura Linney, Matthew Broderick, ...
You Can Count on Me: Paramount Pictures/ Photofest

Great role: Laura Linney in ”You Can Count on Me”

PREMISE Small-town single mom Sammy (Linney, right) sees her well-ordered life take a dramatic turn with the arrivals of a persnickety new boss (Matthew Broderick, left) and her ne’er-do-well brother (Mark Ruffalo).

FUN FACT Having grown accustomed to the lavish accommodations on studio movie shoots like those of Primal Fear and The Truman Show, Linney got a rude shock on the upstate New York set of the low-budget indie drama. ”There was a chicken coop that we cleaned out and it became home base,” she told EW. ”Chickens had not left that long ago. It was really eau de chicken. It was pretty disgusting.”

WHY IT’S GREAT Linney progresses through a full spectrum of emotions, some subtly registered, some raw and messy, in this alternately funny and mournful exploration of family ties.