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Great role: Clive Owen in ''Croupier''

SCREEN GEM: Croupier (1998)

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Clive Owen, Croupier
Croupier: The Shooting Gallery/ Everett Collection

Great role: Clive Owen in ”Croupier”

PREMISE By day, Jack (Owen) is a frustrated novelist; by night, he’s a debonair London casino dealer, a thrill-seeker who moves from fleecing gamblers into shadier territory.

FUN FACT Owen spent a few weeks in croupier school to learn the tricky sleight of hand that Jack displays with cards and chips.

WHY IT’S GREAT The frequently silent Owen gives a textbook definition of smoldering. Plus, the memorable image of Owen in a tuxedo at a casino explains why all those ”next James Bond” rumors won’t go away.