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Suits are the standard in ''Constantine''

Suits are the standard in ”Constantine” — EW speaks with the Costume Designer of Keanu Reeve’s newest film

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Heading toward eternal damnation and don’t have a thing to wear? Take a cue from the snappy dressers in the heaven-versus-hell action flick Constantine. ”[Director] Francis Lawrence really wanted me to capture the off-kilterness of having hell in L.A.,” says costume designer Louise Frogley (Spy Game, Traffic), who dressed Keanu Reeves’ antihero in early-’60s-inspired slim black pants, skinny ties, and a sleek, short raincoat — not exactly sunny L.A. gear, but just right for a resuscitated warrior seeking salvation. As for Gavin Rossdale’s demon, Balthazar, Frogley remembered the ’80s with a sharply cut cashmere pin-striped suit: ”I wanted him to look like a horrible English sybarite bastard, very aggressively right-wing,” she laughs. If you’re gonna be damned, you might as well be damned hot.