Jennifer Armstrong and Clarissa Cruz
February 07, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

EW reviews the latest in chick lit

THE GO-TO GIRL, Louise Bagshawe
Frumpy Londoner Anna Brown tolls as a lowly movie-script reader until she happens upon a winner of a screenplay. Source of Angst
After she lands the perfect (and perfectly sexy) director for the project, she develops a crush on the guy. Celeb Name-Dropping
Anna stews with jealousy over the director’s plans to lunch with actress Rachel Weisz: ”I try to remember, Is she married to anybody? Please let her be married to somebody. They’d make a perfect power couple….” Lowdown
Girl offers a fun peek at the not-so-glam side of filmmaking — and a cheesy but satisfying Hollywood ending. B

After being left at the altar by her self-absorbed actor fiancé, 31-year-old Zadie is tired of the L.A. dating scene. Things get worse when her sickeningly perfect cousin Helen gets engaged to her best friend, Grey. Source of Angst
Alcohol unleashes Helen’s secret slut at her bachelorette party, forcing Zadie to choose between her loyalty to Helen and to Grey. Celeb Name-Dropping
Cindy Crawford appears in the front row of a yoga class. Lowdown
Raucously funny with dead-on observations (”Eloise was a one-upper. If you had a good time, she had a better time”). A

GIMME AN O!, Kayla Perrin
Recently divorced from her two-timing husband, sex therapist-turned-best-selling advice-book author Lecia is content to bury herself in her work. Source of Angst That is, until pro athlete Anthony enlists Lecia to help him win back his estranged wife. Fireworks ensue. Celeb Name-Dropping
Lecia and Anthony meet — and end up bickering on air — while guesting on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Lowdown Though the outcome is never really in question, Lecia’s musings on thirty-something love are poignant, and her serious, modest character is endearing. B

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