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EW attends Beatles tribute with fake Elvis

EW attends Beatles tribute with fake Elvis — Here’s what we and a Presley pretender think of the musical tribute to the Fab Four

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As the old saying goes, if you’re going to review a Beatles tribute band, you might as well do it with an Elvis impersonator as your plus-one. So on Jan. 21, EW took Presley pretender Lee Elvis of New York’s Unique Entertainment Corp. to see 1964… The Tribute at Manhattan’s Carnegie Hall, where an all-ages crowd danced the watusi so aggressively they barely blinked at the presence of the King in his ”’68 Special” leathers and approximately 15 pounds of gold jewelry. With their Ed Sullivan Show-style gray suits, vintage instruments, and spot-on Liverpool accents, The Faux Four (now in their 21st year) are an equally impressive replica of the real thing — even though ”Paul” is a little puffy, and there’s something unquestionably sketchy about four middle-aged men imitating lads in their 20s. Still, the minute ”John’s” harmonica kicked in on ”From Me to You,” I was sold. 1964 ran through the hits — ”Tell Me Why,” ”Eight Days a Week,” and ”Help!” were most convincing — and one balding man in the balcony sobbed his way through ”In My Life.” Even when members of the nearly sold-out crowd rushed the stage at the end for ”She Loves You,” it was tough to tell whether Elvis, who sat quietly in the seat beside me with his hands neatly folded in his lap, was still awake (what with the gold sunglasses covering half his face). But after the performance, he paid 1964 his highest compliment: ”I tend to put myself in a place as an emulation of Elvis, not an impersonator,” he said. ”And they’re emulating the Beatles. They put their love and devotion into the Beatles. And you can see it.” Thank you, Elvis. Thank you very much.