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Rebels on the Backlot

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Rebels on the Backlot

Rebels on the Backlot

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Sharon Waxman

We gave it a B-

You won’t find anything in Rebels on the Backlot about David O. Russell stripping to his boxers on the set of I Heart Huckabees — Sharon Waxman saved that bit of color for her infamous New York Times profile of the director last September. But there are plenty of other riveting tales of Hollywood hubris in this look at six young auteurs, including how Quentin Tarantino dumped all his friends after he became famous and how Spike Jonze is borderline illiterate. It’s a fun, sometimes nasty read, although a bit sloppy with the facts in spots. Among Waxman’s minor but annoying errors: She refers to Rushmore as Wes Anderson’s first movie (that would be Bottle Rocket) and thinks Sam Spade’s partner was named ”Maltese.” Still, you’ve got to admire her fearlessness around such powerful whippersnappers, no matter what underpants they wear on set.