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One Tree Hill: The Complete First Season

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This is one angsty show. Chad Micahel Murray dreamily broods away as the illegitimate son of the repulsive town bigwig, who abandoned his pregnant high school sweetheart. Three short months later, the deadbeat daddy went on to impregnate, and marry, another woman, and actually raise the second son (James Laffery), who bides his time tormenting his half brother. Oh, and the brothers play on the same basketball team. As silly as the story sounds, the show handles its adolescent alienation, high school love triangles, drug abuse, and dysfunctional parenting with a dignity and insight that prevent it from devolving into some cautionary after-school melodrama (or an episode of The O.C.). EXTRAS While learning that One Tree Hill was initially intended as a movie is intriguing, the few behind-the-scenes looks, cast/ crew commentaries, and out-takes will appeal only to diehards.