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What popular sitcom was the stinkiest?

What popular sitcom was the stinkiest? TV critic Gillian Flynn answers reader questions

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Home Improvement: ABC Photo Archive

What popular sitcom was the stinkiest?

Of all the successful sitcoms of the past, which do you feel is the worst? My pick would have to be Full House, now regarded as a ”classic,” despite the fact that it is a slopfest of syrup and cheese. — Tad Hoffman
I’ll see your Full House and raise you a Home Improvement, Tad. During the 1991-1994 TV seasons, ABC’s predictable family sitcom — packed with ba-dum-bum jokes about marriage and manliness — was one of the top five shows. It even bested Seinfeld in 1993. If you want an example of two distinct American comedic sensibilities, you can’t get more drastic.

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