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Our movie reviewers answer your questions

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Our movie reviewers answer your questions

What DVDs have your favorite commentary tracks?

I’m always a sucker for commentary tracks done in character, be it by either the band members for This is Spi¨al Tap (, who curse director Marty DiBergi for his ”hatchet job”), the McKinley High teachers on Freaks and Geeks, or Bruce Campbell as Elvis on Bubba Ho-Tep. In fact, Campbell always offers a killer commentary, especially when in full self-deprecating mode alongside director Sam Raimi and others on Evil Dead II. (”I remember watching the dailies and Sam turning to me and going ‘That is the worst reverse-motion acting I’ve ever seen,”’ says Bruce.) And for a truly family affair, check out Cameron Crowe and mother Alice’s ”shamelessly personal” account on Almost Famous: Untitled — The Bootleg Cut. Mother does know best.