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EW looks back at TV's one-show wonders

EW looks back at TV’s one-show wonders — With ”The Will” cancelled before its second week, here’s some other series that never got a chance

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Approximately 14 people tuned in to watch women toss drinks and compare implants on the premiere of the reality series The Will. Those same 14 also watched the finale, as CBS promptly canceled the show after its Jan. 8 debut. The quick boot puts it in rare — some would say putrid — air, alongside these other shows that never made it to episode 2.

You’re in the Picture (CBS, 1961) This game show, in which celebrities guessed what picture they were sticking their heads through, was so painful that host Jackie Gleason apologized for it on air the following week. ”I’ve seen bombs in my day,”said Gleason, ”but this one made the H-bomb look like a two-inch salute.”

Co-Ed Fever (CBS, 1979) CBS’ randy Animal House rip-off featured ’80s poster queen Heather Thomas, pre-Fall Guy. Unfortunately, it also featured a character named Gobo.

South of Sunset (CBS, 1993) The heat was on for Glenn Frey, but response to this drama starring the Eagles member as a private eye was considerably chillier. It was one and done.

Lawless (Fox, 1997) Brian ”The Boz” Bosworth made a living playing football, then in random movies like One Man’s Justice, but he fumbled in Fox’s cheesy actioner. At least we’ll always have Stone Cold.