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Richard Hatch will plead guilty to tax evasion

Richard Hatch will plead guilty to tax evasion. The inaugural ”Survivor” winner never declared his jackpot

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Richard Hatch (Actor - Survivor)
Richard Hatch: Kevin Winter/Getty

It’s hard to know which side to root against. On the one hand, there’s Richard Hatch, the hissable reality-TV villain who became the first winner of the million-dollar jackpot on Survivor. On the other, there’s the Internal Revenue Service, which reportedly caught the frequently nude Hatch with his pants down. According to the Associated Press, Hatch has reached a plea deal in a tax evasion case. According to a complaint by federal prosecutors, posted at The Smoking Gun, Hatch did not report his Survivor earnings on his 2000 tax return. He also did not report the $321,000 he earned the following year from a morning-radio gig in Boston that came his way because of his reality-TV notoriety.

The two felony charges against him could each be worth five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. In a plea agreement filed Tuesday in federal court in Providence, R.I., U.S. attorneys agreed to recommend a lower sentence if Hatch pleads guilty. Or maybe he’s secretly working on an alliance that will pit the tax collectors and the prosecutors against each other.