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''Zoolander'' is one of the best movies to watch when you're sick at home


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Ben Stiller, Zoolander
Zoolander: The Kobal Collection

”Zoolander” is one of the best movies to watch when you’re sick at home


INGREDIENTS Witless male model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) is an unwitting pawn in a Manchurian Candidate-like assassination plot masterminded by a ruthless designer (Will Ferrell)

YOU CAN SLEEP THROUGH Scenes with nosy reporter Christine Taylor

STAY AWAKE FOR Zoolander’s equally dimwitted fellow male models engaging in some ill-advised but well-choreographed horseplay involving gas station fuel pumps

HEALING POWERS Laughing is good for you, especially laughing at stupid people.

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE Dumb and Dumber, Blazing Saddles, the Austin Powers movies