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Tori Amos, James Brown pen their biographies

Tori Amos, James Brown pen their biographies — EW evaluates new books from the Godfather of Soul and the piano chanteuse who believes in fairies

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In I Feel Good, James Brown — born James Brown Jr. in South Carolina — recounts his ascent as the Godfather of Soul.

Name Change ”I dropped the Junior that I had carried around like a crutch…JAMES BROWN!”

Meet & Greet ”The pontiff shook my hand three times.”

Inspiration ”The ‘One’ is derived from the Earth itself, the soil, the pine trees of my youth. The ‘One’ is a way of life expressed through the music of James Brown.”

Fave Conspiracy Theory ”A lot of the more tasteless aspects of rap is really part of a government conspiracy to destroy the integrity of Black music in America.”

Crazy-meter A little paranoid and self-involved, but all the exclamation points make it better!

In Piece by Piece, Tori Amos — born Myra Ellen Amos in North Carolina — recounts her ascent as Queen Mother of Angst.

Name Change ”I began to feel that the sound of this name was a window.”

Meet & Greet ”I had a sexual/spiritual experience with a creature named Lucifer.”

Inspiration ”If you are a composer in your soul, you chase frequency, sound, melody…This is musical shem-an-na…unlocking portholes to bring Divine Essence.”

Fave Conspiracy Theory ”I get exasperated with Elton John and Bernie Taupin…because they wrote many of the great songs that just might have come to visit me if Elton and Bernie were abducted by aliens.”

Crazy-meter We always knew she liked faeries, but Lucifer?