EW Staff
January 10, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

Star Struck

Don Cheadle is on the outer fold while Brad Pitt is on the inner fold? Surely the editors at EW have angered the Hollywood gods, but all I can say is thank you, and may I have another 1,000 copies, please?




I had been anticipating the Ocean’s Twelve issue, and when it finally came I was disappointed. I almost thought George Clooney wasn’t on the cover until I opened the flap to find him tucked away in the corner. Brad Pitt has been on the cover before, whereas I have never seen Clooney on the cover since subscribing. I want more Clooney!


Irrigon, Ore.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You’re right, Marianne, George Clooney does deserve the cover. So does his Ocean’s Twelve costar Brad Pitt. That’s why we featured each on a split run of our gatefold cover. Fifty percent of our readers got Brad on the cover; 50 percent got George.

Life With ‘Mars’

My husband and I are both in our 50s, and we’re hooked on Veronica Mars (”Bell of the Fall”). Veronica is intelligent, feisty, and determined to see justice done. It’s disturbing that such a well-written, well-acted show can’t find an audience. Perhaps UPN is marketing it to too narrow an age range.



Chesterton, Ind.

Face Value

Your article on the Botox epidemic in Hollywood beautifully illustrates the hypocrisy of Hollywood directors when it comes to women and aging (”Saving Face”). A director like James L. Brooks criticizes women who use Botox for being shallow. And yet he chose to cast the thirtysomething Helen Hunt opposite the fiftysomething Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets. Maybe women wouldn’t be so shallow if directors weren’t.


New Rochelle, N.Y.

Peter Principle

I thoroughly enjoyed the article by Peter Mehlman regarding sitcom writers in Hollywood and their propensity to be hacks throwing jokes at the wall like monkeys throw feces (”Notes From the Sitcom’s Deathbed”). NBC and DreamWorks may not appreciate him, but I built schedules around Seinfeld and It’s like, you know…. I nominate Mehlman for a weekly column!



Alpharetta, Ga.

Kiss, Goodbye

I would like to thank Mark Burnett for his honesty about the blocked lesbian kiss on Survivor (News & Notes). In a world where war rages on, it’s nice to know he has the power to block a tender moment between two people because of how the country voted! As for comparing it to Janet Jackson flashing…wow! Mr. Burnett needs some help with his homophobia. And I’m switching my TiVo to Will & Grace!



Quaker Hill, Conn.

‘Idiot’ Savants

Green Day should be flattered that stalwarts such as Stephen King and this 45-year- old woman think American Idiot is ”a rock & roll masterpiece of far greater ambition than Tommy” (”2004: The Year in Music”). We should know: We grew up in the era when many albums had cohesive themes, even if they weren’t exactly full-out rock operas like Tommy. It’s a feat that hasn’t been attempted for a while, and they did it just right.

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