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Fraggle Rock: Where It ALl Began/Dance Your Cares Away

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Before The Sopranos, this bit of Jim Henson genius was the centerpiece of HBO’s original programming. And as any Gobo-lovin’ ’80s baby can attest, the staticky-haired, pint-size Fraggles, well, rocked. Now, 22 years after the Fraggle Rock‘s debut, the Muppets’ magic still proves enchanting. Granted, tales of Uncle Traveling Matt’s ”outer space” adventures, Red’s search for the missing Fragglehorn, and Wembley’s run-in with royal-wannabes the Gorgs are unquestionably a bit juvenile for the show’s now-twentysomething fans. But once you hear the opening notes of that awesomely catchy theme song, you can’t help but be ”down with Fraggle Rock” all over again.

EXTRAS One animated episode on each disc, a behind-the-scenes documentary with late Muppets creator Henson on Dance Your Cares Away, and on Where It All Began, several never-before-heard tunes that will inevitably stick in your head for days.