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Tammy Lynn Michaels talks about nannying

Tammy Lynn Michaels talks about nannying — The former ”Popular” star dishes on creative ways to deal with bratty kids

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Four years after playing nasty cheerleader Nicole Julian on The WB’s Popular, Tammy Lynn Michaels returns to series TV as a wry nanny who bends rules on NBC’s comedy Committed (debuting Jan. 4, 9:30 p.m.). Which rules? Check out what she’s putting in the sippy cups.

You married your girlfriend [singer Melissa Etheridge] last year. How’s the attention level been? I don’t think either of us was ready for the wattage. It was a full-time job!

What kind of nanny is your character? She’s not necessarily a villain, but she’s hard-edged and realistic. She ends up putting bourbon in the sippy cups. That’s pretty great.

Is the maxim about working with kids and animals true? If a kid has manners, I can work with them. I told producers if I have to work with kids, then somebody’s going to have to do a brat check.