December 13, 2004 at 05:00 AM EST

Superman: Birthright

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Mark Waid
We gave it an A-

Origin stories are, frankly, kinda boring. Finding out how a hero becomes a hero is nowhere near as interesting as seeing what he does once he is one. And writer Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) was faced with rehashing the most famous origin of them all. It’s a testament to Waid’s ingenuity that reading his version of Clark Kent’s decision to put a cape on his back and an S on his chest feels like a breath of fresh air. He finds new wrinkles in those classic Kent relationships — with a prickly Lois Lane, a resentful Jonathan Kent, a revisionist Lex Luthor —, and in Superman: Birthright we’re presented with a strain of the Superman mythos rarely touched on: the loneliness of an alien who can’t fit in with the people he so clearly loves.

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