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Odds on the remaining ''Apprentice'' wannabes

Odds on the remaining ”Apprentice” wannabes. EW tells you who of the remaining four will win, and why

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The Apprentice (Season 2)
Apprentice 2: Eric Liebowitz

When it comes to The Apprentice 2, it’s hard to root for any of Donald Trump’s unlikable lackeys — it’s more about which one we’d most like to see take that final taxi ride of shame. But that doesn’t diminish the kick we get from predicting which of the contenders will triumph on the Dec. 16 second-season finale.

Why He’ll Win He has a perfect 3-0 record as a team leader, thanks to his military-honed organization and quick decision making.
Why He Won’t His tendency to ”rule with an iron fist,” as Ivana has pointed out on the show, could alienate his teammates.
What the Boss Says ”A very good leader and a wonderful conceptualizer.”
ODDS: 2-1