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How ''The Real Gilligan's Island'' can succeed

How ”The Real Gilligan’s Island” can succeed — The producer talks about how TBS’ spinoff can capitalize on the popularity of ”Lost” and ”Survivor”

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Ask reality show guru Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor) about his new project The Real Gilligan’s Island, and he quotes song lyrics: ”No phones, no lights, no motorcars, not a single luxury.” But TBS’ update of the ’60s comedy (premiering Tuesday, Nov. 30 at 8 p.m.) isn’t exactly primitive as can be. Not with a hefty cash prize, challenges ”sillier” than those on Survivor, and cameras stalking the castaways. Fleiss selected two groups of seven contenders in the mold of the original characters — including Rachel Hunter and Nicole Eggert as the Movie Star — and stranded them off Cancún to see how the wreck of the SS Minnow might have played out in real life. (The goal: making it to the final seven and getting off the island.) For Gilligan creator Sherwood Schwartz, an executive producer of the new version, it offers a chance to capitalize on the popularity of Lost and Survivor. So expect some adjusting. ”When I did the original show, you were not allowed to show a belly button,” he says. ”You were not allowed to show too much cleavage.” And to think people still watched!