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Here's Funkadelic's 1984 ''buried treasure''

Here’s Funkadelic’s 1984 ”buried treasure” — Not many will ever find ”By Way of the Drum,” the concept group’s trippy unknown gem

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It’s not the funk-rock Holy Grail, but By Way of the Drum, a trippy gem from Funkadelic, is so rare, even George Clinton doesn’t own it. ”If you can find one, send me a copy,” he says. ”I haven’t heard that in 15 years!” In the early 1980s, Clinton signed a deal with MCA Records, which expected catchy electro-funk in the vein of his ’83 hit single ”Atomic Dog.” What they received instead was a fusion of head-tripping psychedelic rock and body-shaking drum-machine beats. (A funked-up cover of Cream’s ”Sunshine of Your Love” is particularly out-there.) MCA rejected the album with a brusque letter: ”We would like to inform you that we will not be releasing the album by your ‘so-called’ concept group, Funkadelic.” The master tapes have gone missing, but some hardcore Funkadelic collectors treasure hissy cassettes of the surprisingly sweet set.