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What are fall's must-see movies? Debate it here

Entertainment Weekly likes ”Finding Neverland” and ”Kinsey” — now tell us which films you think everyone should see

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Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, ...
Finding Neverland: Clive Coote

What are fall’s must-see movies? Debate it here

Yes, The Incredibles is, well, pretty incredible. But what are the other movies you should see this season? Here’s the shortlist, according to Entertainment Weekly: the biopics Finding Neverland and Kinsey, the poignant buddy movie Sideways, the wartime romance A Very Long Engagement, the martial-arts film House of Flying Daggers, and Kevin Bacon’s disturbing profile of a pedophile, The Woodsman.

Read EW’s recommendations, then tell us the movies you’re looking forward to seeing before New Year’s. Of all the films you saw in 2004, which have you liked the best? Who turned in Oscar-worthy performances? What films were underrated — or, for that matter, overrated? Talk about it here.