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The O.C.

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Mischa Barton, The O.C., ...

We could sit here and regale you with plotlines centered around teen alcoholics, sex-tas-trophes, and clichéd catfights. But then you might think that this teen saga is a 90210 rip-off, and as any fan knows, The O.C. is miles away from Beverly Hills. So instead of praising creator Josh Schwartz’s whip-smart dialogue, Adam Brody’s geek-alicious one-liners, and the show’s kickin’, college-radio-centric soundtrack (though we just did), we’ll simply say, ”(Re)watch it!” After all, come season 2’s Nov. 4 debut, you don’t want to be that guy who has no idea who Kiki, JuJu, and Cay-Cay are.

EXTRAS Welcome to The O.C. Music Guide, bitch! Besides the usual commentary, deleted scenes, and casting doc, the DVD includes Pop-Up Video-like subtitles to give you watercooler info on the show’s featured bands: Once you learn that Spoon bassist Josh Zarbo is terrified of black cats, you’ll feel so in the know (even if you have no clue who Spoon are).