EW Staff
October 29, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Snap Judgment

The Photo Issue was amazing. The moment I saw those three words on the cover, I knew I was in for a treat. Thanks for putting Sarah Michelle Gellar on your cover! James White’s photography was breathtaking. May she continue to grace your cover for many years.

SARAH THOMPSON blueyeblacktear@yahoo.com St. Paul

I felt compelled to write upon viewing James White’s Sarah Michelle Gellar portfolio. Gellar has a movie to promote, and you have a ghoulish theme for an October issue — sounds like synergy. While I normally enjoy your Photo Issue, I was surprised by the bloody, Rosemary’s Baby shot of Gellar. Realizing EW is not necessarily intended for all ages, I’m still disturbed that such a violently suggestive image was deemed suitable for a mass-media publication. This particular frame of ”creepy-cool” leans a little too hard on the creepy and not enough on the cool.

LINDA CRAIG enaybler@hotmail.com Lincoln, Neb.

Minority Report

I disagree with Mark Harris on the ”Color Bind” article (News & Notes). Although I do not find Donald Trump as compelling as everyone else does, he made the right move when getting rid of Stacie Upchurch. The Apprentice is a show where winning depends on teamwork. Stacie admitted that she did not fit in with the other girls, and is a more independent person. I can’t see how Trump had any other choice. I don’t care if she is white, black, or forest green, she put forth little to no effort to socialize in a social game.

RYAN NAVARRO BGEditor11@aol.com Altoona, Pa.

Mark Harris’ question ”Was the best boardroom ever’ all about race?” only serves to perpetuate the notion of black women as victims. The fact is Stacie J.’s behavior is what got her booted off The Apprentice and that has nothing to do with her race. By claiming racism, Harris does little to break the stereotypes he argues against.

MICHAEL HARWOOD filmmick2000@yahoo.com New York City

Right on to Mark Harris for his article about race and reality shows. I have often noticed how black women are portrayed as hysterical and prickly, while black men are shown as lazy. Often it looks like the producers try to cast people whose personalities fit the stereotypes they want for the show. Stacie’s playful shenanigans became accusations of schizophrenia by uptight gals who were trying to cover their mistakes. I felt sorry for her and was surprised Trump fell for the obvious setup. Props to Tyra Banks for showcasing beautiful women of color with very different personalities. Who would have thought that a show like America’s Next Top Model would outclass the Donald?

DIANE HEARN Blacksburg, Va.

Acting Out

Henry Goldblatt’s comment about Jennifer Lopez’s appearance was right on the mark (Television), but the evidence of Inside the Actors Studio losing credibility was clear a couple of years ago. I started watching the show during its first season — when Bravo wasn’t owned by NBC. Ever since its ownership changed hands, the quality of the show has gone downhill. Instead of having an actor discuss the craft of acting, the shows are now churned out seemingly in order to publicize the interviewee’s next movie. Please, Mr. Lipton, go back to your roots that made this show different from anything on TV!

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