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America's Next Top....Conservative?

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First, Sinclair Broadcasting was reportedly going to preempt programming on its 62 stations to present Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, the unabashedly unfavorable look at Sen. John Kerry’s war record in Vietnam. Now, after a public outcry and a steep drop in Sinclair’s stock price, that preemption has been preempted; instead, on Oct. 22, some 40 of Sinclair’s stations will air A POW Story: Politics, Pressure and the Media, a one-hour news special featuring only portions of Stolen Honor. Not exactly an unconditional surrender, but it did get us thinking — what other Sinclair programming might also be left unaired?

America’s Next Top Conservative Ann Coulter judges 16 contestants on a variety of fiscal, moral, and makeover challenges.

Absolutely Ashcroft A song-and-dance special hosted by Bo Derek featuring the musical stylings of the attorney general. You’ll love it. Seriously. Or else.

Fundamentalist Eye for the Godless-Pagan-Sure-to-Burn-in-Hell Homosexual Guy Five red-blooded, churchgoing straight dudes make over a sinner’s soul by teaching him how to wear flannel and shop for guns.

The American President Redubbed with Charlton Heston’s voice filling in for Michael Douglas.