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Rap stars drink from ''pimp'' cups

Rap stars drink from ”pimp” cups — Lil Jon and Ludacris are among the rappers who have specially designed goblets from which they drink ”crunk juice”

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Pimp my…cup? Rappers like Ludacris, Juvenile, and Nelly delight in custom-blinged goblets from Chicago-based Deborah Harrison (a.k.a. Debbie the Glass Lady), who crafts the vessels — some for upwards of $1,000 — from glass, diamonds, crystals, gems, platinum, and 24-karat gold. Lil Jon, who displays his ”pimp cup” in the ”Get Low” video, takes his chalice (in a one-of-a-kind padded carrying case, of course) to clubs. It’s just the thing for swigging ”crunk juice,” a sugary blend of his CRUNK!!! Energy Drink and Hennessy. And the love is spreading to non-rappers: The East Side Boy recently had cups made for Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, because, he notes, ”crunk juice makes the girls horny.” How sweet.