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Movies about musicians:''Sid and Nancy''

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Chloe Webb, Gary Oldman, ...
Sid & Nancy: Kobal Collection

Movies about musicians:”Sid and Nancy”

LEAD SINGER Gary Oldman curls his lip and spikes his hair to play near-talentless but charismatic Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious. Chloe Webb plays Nancy Spungen, the groupie who becomes his partner in love and heroin consumption.

PITCH-PERFECT? Oldman disappears into the role, snarling in a Cockney accent, snogging furiously with Webb, and singing off-key as he portrays Sid’s attempts to become a solo act after the Sex Pistols’ split. /p>

HUMBLE ORIGINS Vicious starts off comfortably middle-class, and descends into repugnant, opiate-enhanced squalor as his career and personal life unravel.

HIGH NOTE Vicious records an atonal version of ”My Way,” and then manages to get through an entire performance of the Stooges’ ”I Wanna Be Your Dog” without collapsing.

GUEST STAR A pre-Hole, pre-Kurt Courtney Love pops up in a small role as one of Nancy’s friends.

TRAGIC ENDING Vicious is arrested for stabbing Spungen to death, and then suffers a fatal heroin overdose. And he never learned how to play or sing.