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''Evil Dead II'' is a scary DVD

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Evil Dead II
Evil Dead 2: © Rosebud Releasing Corp / Courtesy Foto Fantasies

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

Starring Bruce Campbell
Directed by Sam Raimi
First released 1987

WHY Because it’s the funniest gore flick of all time. Or the goriest comedy. Take your choice, but don’t watch it after a full meal.

PEAK SHRIEK The moment when, as he battles the forces of hell, our supermarket-clerk hero (the brilliant Bruce Campbell) fights his own possessed hand — and suddenly comes through with an homage to the Three Stooges.

DVD EXTRAS The audio commentary track from Campbell and director Sam Raimi (among others) is legendary among DVD buffs for its off-the-wall humor.

 No. 5 No. 3 


imageCredit += ‘ Evil Dead II: © Rosebud Releasing Corp/Courtesy Foto Fantasies’