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October 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

‘Star’ Struck

I love the classic Star Wars shot you picked for the cover. If only we could get that movie on DVD. Trust me, not many of the fans that Lucas appears to have such contempt for are happy with his pointless tinkering. And your interview just goes to show what a delusional egotist he’s turned out to be. If I really want to read about one of the talents who brought Star Wars to life, I’ll turn to the exceptional Mark Hamill article.



Santa Monica

Fandom Menace

Regarding George Lucas’ remarks on the ”improving” of the original Star Wars trilogy — as creator and owner of this art, Lucas has the right to tinker with his works (”Dear Mr. Fantasy”). What is disturbing is that he fails to acknowledge the value of film as a historical document. The original versions of these films could provide future generations with valuable information about what kind of entertainment enthralled people of the day, and where cutting-edge movie technology was at the time. At the very least Lucas should supply both versions to the public. Tinkering is one thing — erasing and denying is quite another matter.



Victoria, British Columbia

Thank you for your enlightening interview with George Lucas. I was 10 years old when Star Wars first exploded onto the screen, and like many of my generation, I became an instant, rabid fan of the now iconic series. I don’t know how to feel about Lucas’ constant tweaking, but I admit to a jolt of pleasure over most of his latest additions (favorites being the appearance of Ian McDiarmid and new dialogue in Empire). And while I struggle between my convictions as film purist and Star Wars fan, one thing is certain: Lucas has managed to sell me his trilogy four times now. That’s clearly genius.


jdwrtr@aol.com Stafford, Va.

Bad News Bearers

At key moments during the conventions, Brit Hume played computer solitaire and wanted baseball scores during speeches by the candidates, and ”journalist” Bill O’Reilly used the impartial adjective ”dopey” to describe Michael Moore (”Conventional Power”). If Fox News really wants to add more audio (and visual) flair to its newscasts, how about capturing the sound of Edward R. Murrow rolling in his grave?



Springfield, Mass.

Getting Punk’d

Someone needs to shake the hand of Tom Sinclair for writing about one of the most versatile, distinct, and just plain amazing bands ever (”The Best Album of All Time”). I’m 20 years old but have just recently picked up London Calling, and every time I listen to it, I am in awe. The Clash do not get the respect they deserve. No other band in history has mixed genres in one album the way they did in ’79. This kind of story is one of the reasons I read EW every week.


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