October 15, 2004 at 04:00 AM EDT

Sure, one’s a world-renowned organization that brings intercontinental miscreants to justice, and one’s, well…a band. But which Interpol is cooler? Read below to find out.


THE ORGANIZATION According to its official statement: ”To be the world’s preeminent police organization in support of all organizations, authorities, and services whose mission is preventing, detecting, and suppressing crime.”

THE BAND According to its official website, the foursome has ”cultivated a unique aesthetic” to drive their ”delicate and complicated creative process.”


THE ORGANIZATION 1923. Currently headquartered in Lyon, France.

THE BAND 1998. Currently headquartered in lower Manhattan, New York.


THE ORGANIZATION According to, work is available in the following areas: processing criminal information; crime analysis; trilingual secretarial services.

THE BAND According to the single ”Slow Hands,” from their new album, Antics: ”We spies we slow hands/We retire like nobody else/We spies we slow hands/ Killer for hire you know not yourself.”


THE ORGANIZATION From Interpol recruitment files: ”The vast majority of positions for which staff are recruited under contract are sedentary posts with few opportunities to travel.”

THE BAND From the Antics song ”Evil”: ”We speaks about travel/Yeah we think about the land/We smart like all peoples/ Feeling real tan.”

CONCLUSION Clearly, the glamour and relative accessibility of Interpol the band (no security clearance required!) prevail — not that we don’t respect and obey the long arm of international law.

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