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EW rates celebrity scents

EW rates celebrity scents — Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Donald Trump are among the stars selling their own lines of perfume

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From pop singers to reality stars, everyone’s in on the celeb fragrance trend. How to separate the fab from the funk? We sniff the stars so you don’t have to.


Hilarious PR Line ”Curious celebrates those moments of daring when you ask yourself, ‘Should I?”’ Frankly, Brit, no. Smells Like 15 junior high school girls after a trip to the cosmetics counter. C


Hilarious PR Line ”Captures…her radiance, confidence, and modesty.” Because skimpy outfits designed by Mom aside, there’s nothing more modest than your own perfume. Smells Like Flowers. It’s subtle — like, um, Beyoncé? A-

DONALD TRUMP Donald Trump, The Fragrance

Hilarious PR Line ”People want to know [Mr. Trump] on every level.” We could have sworn they just wanted his money. Smells Like Designer Imposters in a gold box, proving yet again that Trump assumes Americans are suckers for shiny things. C-


Hilarious PR Line ”Available this fall at fine chain drug and mass-market retailers.” Classy. Smells Like A weird combo of Dial soap and that sweaty guy next to you at the bar. Yet it works. B+

ALAN CUMMING Cumming: The Fragrance

Hilari… Please. The whole thing is hilarious. Smells Like Base notes like ”burnt rubber” and ”peat fire” combine to create…a sharp, sophisticated scent! Who knew? A