Michelle Kung
October 08, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Although director Nunnally Johnson’s case-study setup for his psychological drama, The Three Faces of Eve, feels antiquated today, Joanne Woodward is still captivating as a put-upon Georgia housewife suffering from multiple personality disorder. Her transformation from drab hausfrau Eve White to cheeky coquette Eve Black is eerily fluid, and while the transitional swells in the music are melodramatic, Woodward’s Oscar-winning performance is anything but.

EXTRAS Aside from a Movietone reel of Woodward accepting her Best Actress statuette, the disc’s sole bonus feature is film historian Aubrey Solomon’s informative but dry commentary track. You’ll find a few juicy tidbits here — Judy Garland was originally set to play Eve before changing her mind at the last minute; Woodward’s gray jersey dress was custom-made to showcase her posture shifts as she switched personalities — but Solomon’s academic take (domestic rental grosses! the history of CinemaScope!) is no substitute for personal insight.

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