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Jon Favreau digs in

Jon Favreau digs in ? The ”Dinner for Five” host dishes about his guests and their table manners

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How does it feel being a reality TV star, with Dinner for Five (Unrated, 5 hrs., 14 mins., Wellspring)? Is that what I am now? I like it. I guess it is more reality television than talk show. We try to create as natural an environment as we can to show what people are really like.

What’s your most memorable Dinner moment? Rod Steiger talking about his experience on On the Waterfront with Brando.

His complaint about Brando’s onset aloofness was surprising. Rod held on to his frustration for decades, when Waterfront clearly launched his career. He worked on a legendary film with legendary people. But famous people have the same stress as everybody else, just in extraordinary circumstances.

How long do dinners last? We’ve shot many times until we’ve run out of tape, so well over three hours. But because we wanted to hang around, we’d still go after the cameras were done.

Any guests have horrible table manners? Kevin James and I are the two worst, because it turns into an eating race between us. I think we’re the only ones who care more about the food than the show. ?Timothy Gunatilaka