Michelle Kung
September 03, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Take one empowered woman in distress (Judd), throw in a salty-tongued mentor (Jackson), top it off with a ho-hum love interest (Andy Garcia), and you?ve got the recipe for this dopey, paint-by-numbers thriller. In hopefully the last of Paramount?s noirish collaborations with the pixieish actress, Judd tries to release her inner bad girl by playing a homicide cop whose exlovers keep turning up dead; unfortunately, her furrowed-brow ”I?m perplexed” expressions come off more vapid than vamp.

Seemingly plucked from the red carpet, a diamond-draped Judd offers insipid commentary on three behind-the-scenes featurettes (why she was attracted to the film: ”It?s not just a thriller, but also a mystery and a puzzle!”).

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