EW Staff
September 03, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

‘Collateral’ Damage

”Honestly, why did we need to see two actors from a serious summer thriller pose like models from a Wal- Mart ad?”


North Hollywood, Calif.

I just got the Aug. 6 issue and I had to catch my breath when I saw the cover. Thank you for the picture of Tom Cruise and the glimpse of belly! I think my heart actually stopped for a second.


Powell, Ohio

Congratulations on conjuring up the worst magazine cover ever. Who wants to see Tom’s fuzzy navel? And was there a trampoline involved or what? That aside, the first photo of Lindsay Lohan? Well, I’ve never wanted to be a freckle so much in my entire life. I’m holding out for reincarnation.



Salt Lake City

August Cool

Reading your feature”83 Things to Do in August,” I was thankful to see your mention of ”The Amazing Race.” I have been hopelessly hooked on this show since its inception, and I’m hoping that it will stay on the air long enough for me to apply when I turn 21 this January. There is no greater reality TV show out there — it always captivates me with the places the contestants visit or the choices they are forced to make.



Framingham, Mass.

Censory Overload

I was disappointed by your shamelessly biased article ”See No Evil?,” the tone of which dismisses those in favor of decency standards as narrow-minded squares. At least have the journalistic integrity to accept that millions of Americans (not just puritanical homophobes) are fed up with the content on TV for legitimate reasons. I would think an article like this would acknowledge that for every show striving for an authentic artistic voice, there are a dozen that exploit every opportunity to be considered ”controversial” for less noble reasons. The debate over freedom of expression versus censorship is complex. Your article did not give it the examination it deserved.



Spanish Fork, Utah

News Flash to Brent Bozell: Kids are not the only ones watching TV! I just don’t see the point of going after shows like ”Nip/Tuck” and ”The Shield.” Those shows are clearly made for an adult audience (TV-MA rating) and are on at 10 p.m. on cable. If you are worried that your kids might be watching, take the TVs out of their bedrooms and ask yourself why they are up at this time of night. Let adults watch those truly excellent shows in peace.



Norwalk, Conn.

You say that ”Brent Bozell is fighting to defend the innocence of American children.” Thanks a lot, Mr. Bozell, but like you I am a capable father who has the ability to decide what my child can or cannot watch. That you and the FCC want to limit TV content in my home is flat-out censorship, and all Americans should be worried about that. If the government and Bozell want to make a difference in my children’s lives, they should focus on the lack of teachers in our districts. Stay out of my home — I can police my kids.

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