Nancy Sidewater
August 20, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It?s hard to imagine deejay Rodney Bingenheimer having the chops to be ”the designated driver between the famous and the not-so-famous.” With his skinny Mick Jagger legs, Sonny Bono bowl cut, and all-around awkward mannerisms, the ’70s glam-rock darling-turned-L.A.’s KROQ kingfish provokes a true story that is, indeed, stranger than fiction. Bingenheimer managed not only to weasel his way onto the scene but also to be embraced by it. Old and new rockers alike (from David Bowie to Chris Martin) testify on behalf of his influence and longevity, but the doc is also a psychological study of what happens when the good times end. The answer? One shift on Sundays, midnight to 3 a.m. Long live rock & roll.

EXTRAS Additional footage and commentary make Bingenheimer?someone who belongs behind the camera instead of in front of it?even more freakish. But pay attention, ladies: Davy Jones reveals that he?s listed in the Pennsylvania phone book.

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